Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Why aren't ghosts naked? Why don't you hear reports of cavemen ghosts?

I loved this question the first time I was asked. A very inquisitive mind asked me why ghosts weren't reported naked. The follow-up question was about cavemen ghosts. I think the person posing the question was shocked that I was prepared with an answer. Have there ever been any reports of naked ghosts? Of course, these reports exist. Yet, definitely not as frequent as reports of their clothed counterparts. There are even trends to sightings, such as women often reported in white or grey clothing. We've also had many reports of men in suits or in battle uniforms. There is no rhyme or reason to the attire that the ghosts wear. With clothing being a big part of society, it makes sense that the majority of sightings come with clothes. You don't see many naked folks walking around town, do you? Why would you expect ghosts to be naked? But, they do exist. I'm just waiting for the naked supermodel to be caught on film...

There also have been reports of ghosts that look more primitive than our normal society. These sightings are a lot less frequent. The vast number of these reports comes from international sources instead of domestic to the United States. It makes sense to see different type apparitions in different regions. There was another follow-up question about the cavemen ghost and a hypothesis that perhaps energy begins to dissipate over time and ghosts of more ancient origin have a harder time manifesting. It's pure speculation, but a good theory.

Can animals be ghosts? This is another great question. The answer is also a yes. Although, we have not specifically captured any evidence of animals, we have heard many claims of pets haunting their owners. We've had several instances where clients have reported that their deceased pet can be seen and participating in ritual habits.

We've also been asked questions about investigating such as, why investigations are held at night? Can activity happen during the day? Why is evidence collected outside scrutinized more than evidence collected indoors? These are great questions. Activity can happen at any time or place. It can certainly happen during the day as much as at night. Carolina Paranormal along with many other paranormal teams investigate at night for various reasons. Mostly, the night allows for a quieter less contaminated environment. We also feel that it is easier to capture evidence in the dark. Think of a movie theater projector, it is easier to see the movie in a dark theater than a fully lit up one. The same principle applies to capturing manifestations of ghosts. It's easier to see them in the dark (especially with IR) then in a fully lit room. In addition, evidence collected indoors in a controlled environment holds more credibility than evidence collected outdoors. There are many more variables to rule out in evidence collected outdoors; however it is possible to collect paranormal evidence in an outdoor environment.

Carolina Paranormal has extremely high standards for evidence. These standards are higher than any other team we have encountered in the field. The evidence we present to the public goes through a rigorous review process and is scrutinized ruling out all possible explanations. If there is any doubt in the authenticity of the paranormal evidence we collect, our review process rejects the publishing or sharing of the content.


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