Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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How often do you record paranormal activity?


Capturing paranormal evidence and/or experiencing activity during an investigation is a rather rare event. In less than 10% of the cases that we have conducted have we captured any evidence of paranormal activity. In a survey we conducted of other reputable paranormal teams, we found that the average amount of collected evidence varies between 5% - 10% per team, per regional area.

So, why are reports of activity so frequent? We find in 90% of our cases that we can "debunk" = disprove claims of paranormal activity by finding logical and real causes for experienced events. The popularity of paranormal shows and ghost stories on TV has played a suggestive role in the rationale of strange noises or easily explained shadows for some people. In some of our cases, we find that our clients have religiously watched every paranormal show available and have in fact scared themselves into believing they are victim to some type of paranormal occurrence. The reality is, true paranormal activity does not occur on command and does not happen frequently.


Are ghosts evil?


The term "demonic" is way over used by the public and by amateur paranormal teams. We often are contacted by individuals who believe that a demon or dark evil force is causing them trouble. We often find in these cases that this idea has come to the person via TV or another team that lacks true experience. In one of our cases, a person had convinced themselves that a demonic force had invaded their home and this was supposedly confirmed by an amateur paranormal team. The client claimed he had been scratched repeatedly while sitting on his couch and had pictures to show the scratches. During our investigation, we had the client show us exactly what he was doing and had him sit on the couch. Behold! He was scratched in front of us and exclaimed that the demons had returned. When we examined this closer, we found a fabric staple that was sticking out on his couch and was the cause for the scratches. It wasn't paranormal, it wasn't demonic, and it was a very explainable event.

There are many teams that classify activity as "demonic". Carolina Paranormal does not classify any cases this way. Our paranormal classifications do not involve religion and we do not believe that any demonic spirits exist. There are ghosts that can be malicious in nature. As people can be evil in life, they can certainly be evil in death. This does not mean that the spirit is demonic; it means that it could possibly be a mean person who died. Our standpoint is that all ghosts are energy left behind of people. Certainly, other teams and clergy may disagree, but we challenge anyone to bring cases to our doorstep to prove the existence of demonic entities. In all our years of investigating, we've never found one. We've never had any cases in which physical harm had come to our clients as a result of paranormal activity. Plainly, ghosts don't harm people.

It is our belief that paranormal phenomenon truly occurs and is very real, but is not as frequent as many people believe.

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