Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Carolina Paranormal Society respects your right to privacy.   We understand that our clients may want to keep their locations undisclosed and off the record, and we pledge to respect their wishes at all times. Any information displayed on our website is done so with the expressed written permission of those individuals who have been kind enough to allow us to so, we thank them for that.


If you choose NOT TO ALLOW us to publish the findings from your case:

- Carolina Paranormal Society will keep everything involved with your case strictly confidential.

- Carolina Paranormal Society will keep all photos, videos, and recordings in our closed investigation inventory.

- Carolina Paranormal Society will not sell or release your information to any third party for any reason, nor will we use it for any other purpose.

- All investigators for Carolina Paranormal Society have signed a confidentiality clause with their application, therefore are bound to not disclose any details of the case to anyone outside the team.


If you choose TO ALLOW us to publish the findings from your case:

- No names or addresses will be listed.

- No distinguishing features of a business or home will be shown in any video or picture.

- City, state, business or residence is all that will be listed (example: Charlotte, NC Residence)


It’s Your Home:

- Carolina Paranormal Society is dedicated to keeping all personal belongings in the same order that they were in prior to our investigation.

- Carolina Paranormal Society will do a video capture of all rooms and buildings involved in the investigation to insure that there is no damage to personal property.

- Carolina Paranormal Society pledges to never disclose to anyone the contents of a home, unless the items are of a highly illegal nature.  This is for insurance and legal purposes.

- It is our responsibility to leave a house or building in the same condition that it was in when we arrived.


Carolina Paranormal Society is not involved with the media:

- Carolina Paranormal Society is not a media or news related organization, meaning that we do not take our private investigation findings to the press and media for recognition.  Though you may see or hear us on a media outlet, no private case information will be revealed without the expressed written permission of those involved.

- Carolina Paranormal Society does paranormal investigations for the purpose of helping people with anything paranormal that might be troubling them, for the passion of the field, as well as giving the public and clients general knowledge and understanding of the paranormal.


We will be discrete while conducting the investigation, if requested:

- Carolina Paranormal Society will arrive at your location with the fewest vehicles possible, vehicles will have no team advertising on them.

- Carolina Paranormal Society normally wears team shirts for an investigation.  If a discrete investigation is requested, we will wear “normal” everyday clothes with no team logos or names on them.

- Carolina Paranormal Society usually sets up a “base station” outside a location, normally out of the view of the street if possible.  If requested we will set up in a Carolina Paranormal Society provided shelter, behind the location being investigated.

- If asked by neighbors what we are doing there, Carolina Paranormal Society will simply explain we are there for a “party” or “gathering”.  Carolina Paranormal Society will use any reason requested by the client.


If you have any further questions relating to our privacy policy please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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