Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Carolina Paranormal - Team ByLaws

Bylaws of Carolina Paranormal Society (C.P.S.)


Investigator - A member of a paranormal group who gathers scientific evidence then evaluates and validates the information gathered. An investigator conducts investigations using Photographic, Recording, Video, and electromagnetic detection equipment, and etc.

The Group - referral to members of the C.P.S.


  1. All investigators will be required to provide identification upon request to any and all public officials such as police and cemetery workers or town offices.
  2. Investigators will be required to sign a disclosure stating that each will be responsible for their actions as well as any accidental damage they may cause or be part of while conducting an investigation. They will be responsible for replacing any damage caused by their actions.
  3. All investigators must sign a disclosure also stating that they have not been a part in any vandalization of public or private property, nor a part in any theft of private or public properties. Any vandalism done by an investigator on purpose will result in immediate dismissal.
  4. Investigators will also sign a disclosure giving permission to be mentioned in public such a radio, television, newspaper, magazine and etc. in regards to publicizing the group.
  5. Investigators will volunteer to have drug tests and alcohol tests if asked by any town official or state official while in public representing the group. Refusal of such test will result in immediate dismissal.
  6. Behavior of investigators will be professional in and out of public areas so that it does not reflect negatively against the group, all investigators who do not follow professional attitude and appearance will be terminated from the group if deemed necessary.
  7. Investigators must stay in designated areas as described and signed by person or persons we will be working with and for in the release forms.
  8. Investigations are conducted in and around areas that are accessible to the public as well as in private homes and business', there will be no profanity, vulgarity, or dangerous behavior allowed or as stated in bylaw 6 investigator may be terminated.
  9. Investigators should always stay in a group of two or more for safety purposes, leaving a group member alone  will result in the investigator being suspended and or terminated depending on the circumstance.
  10. Unless specified as public record, cases will be treated as confidential. All cases classified as confidential will be kept confidential, cases of this nature will not be discussed in or around the public. Investigators who do not follow these guidelines will be dismissed.
  11. All C.P.S. community involvement must have an events permission form signed before investigators set up. Investigators will not walk around and distribute material but use a non aggressive manner and allow the public to come to them.
  12. C.P.S. members are not allowed to contact clients without explicit permission from the Director. Doing so will result in termination of member from C.P.S.
  13. Accidental damage done will be sole responsibility of the investigator who caused the damage to replace and or pay for, C.P.S. will not be held responsible for your actions.
  14. Investigators agree to never speak negatively about C.P.S. doing so will result in termination as well as possible charges of slander.
  15. If I am asked to leave C.P.S. for any reason will not speak negatively towards or about the group or its members.  C.P.S. can dismiss anyone, at anytime, for any reason.
  16. Investigators will understand that any cases deemed confidential will be kept confidential or by law you will be prosecuted for breaking client confidentiality laws.
  17. Investigators agree to stay in designated areas as specified by clients, public officials and or Director of C.P.S.
  18. Investigators agree to not approach clients via email, phone, or in person nor by any other contact without explicit permission from the Director or Team Manager. Doing so will be breaking client confidentiality and may result in charges.
  19. Investigators agree to not hold C.P.S. or the client(s) responsible for any injuries that may be suffered at any group function, and that you are responsible for your own actions.
  20. Any conversations held with other group members will be treated as confidential no matter the subject of the conversation.
  21. If asked to go on any case, trip, or outing the time, date and location will be kept confidential and will not be discussed outside the group or relevant family members, and will not be posted on any message boards, social media or anywhere on the internet.
  22. Investigators will certify that they do not have a criminal record, nor have ever been arrested and convicted of any crime, felony or major motor vehicle violation (such as DUI, DWI.), excluding minor traffic violations (such as speeding ticket or parking ticket).
  23. Investigators agree to allow and give permission to Carolina Paranormal Society to do a criminal background check on myself using various online background check sites including all state and national sex offender registries.
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